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    We are Zooper Film


Zooper Film  is an animation production company in love with storytelling. Original, visionary and appealing  storytelling.  Be it animated feature films, TV series or any exciting or future  format, we are  dedicated to create wonderful stories set in stunning visual worlds.


Based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Zooper Film is an established animation house, with sister companies both in Germany and Denmark as well as strong affiliations and partnerships across  the globe.


The Team


Prof. Lilian Klages

 CEO // Producer // Partner

Thomas Pix DD_01-2019.jpg

Thomas Müller

CLO // Partner


Jesper Møller

Director // Partner


At Zooper Film we are dedicated to create, finance and produce high quality animated entertainment and we take pride in our endless ambition to provide visionary animated stories to audiences everywhere.


In addition to our prime focus on animated feature films, we’re deeply engaged in developing animated storytelling to and for all present and future formats and platforms.

Our creative and operational presence is strong in both Germany and throughout Europe, but with our vast network of individual talent, studios and partners throughout the world, our focus remains universal.




Building strong story worlds and producing high quality animation is in all ways a team effort. Besides consisting of cool people, the artistic, dynamic and professional quality of the team equals the quality of the final product. This is also how we regard our great partner studios - as part of the big team. Together we are strong, together we can embrace more and reach higher - and together we can share our wildest dreams and most challenging ambitions.

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Königsallee 37, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany

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